How Subscriptions Work


Select “Subscribe and save 15%” on your favourite products.
We will ship the order to your door every 30 days automatically.


You can manage your order in the
“Manage Subscriptions“ section of your account.

Yes, you can subscribe to multiple products, if you are subscribing to 2 products, we will create only one subscription contract.

Easy subscription management:

Step 1: Log into your account, and go to ‘Account’ page, then click on ‘Manage Subscriptions’.

Step 2: On the 'subscriptions’ pages, you can:

Update payment or shipping information, or

Skip or Cancel the subscription for a product.

Step 1: Log into 'Account' page.

Step 2: Click on 'Manage Subscriptions'.

Step 3: Navigate to 'Upcoming Orders'.

Step 4: Click on 'Skip Order' for the date you wish to skip.

You need to resubscribe for a new contract. The cancelled subscription cannot be reactivated.

If you have any questions about subscription, please reach out to us at